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Spine Finders and Clubmaking Instructional Materials-
for Professional and Amateur Clubmakers

Sure Grip Spine Finder Plus Clubmaking Software

"Sure Grip" Vise-Mount Spine Finder


Clubfitting Software

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Add 1 CD Clubfitting software - Included Free

Add 4 CD Clubmaking Made Easy Kit - Only $10
Click Here for more info on the Individual Clubmaking Kit

Add 5 CD Clubmakers Business Kit - Only $20
Click here for more info on the Clubmakers Business Kit

Choose 1CD Clubfitting, 4CD Clubmaking Kit, or 5CD Business Kit

Or, you can order the software items below
separately without a spine finder:

Clubmaking Clubfitting and Swingweight Software


Golf Clubmaking / Clubfitting / Swingweight Software

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Download - $19.95

CD - $29.95

Individual Clubmaking Kit


The Golf Clubmaking Made Easy Kit,
star Golf Clubmaking / Clubfitting / Swingweight Software

Step-by-Step Guide
to Building Golf Clubs

The Illustrated
Step-by-Step Guide
to Repairing Golf Clubs,

Much, Much More!

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Download - $29.95

4 CDs - $39.95

Golf Clubmakers Business Kit


The Complete Golf Clubmakers Business Kit
Includes starstar
PLUS many, many other items.

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Download - $39.95

5CDs - $49.95


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Read what Golfsmith says about our software:

  • "This all-in-one clubmaking software package presents clubmakers with a powerful tool for simplifying numerous clubmaking calculations.

  • Input head weight, shaft weight, clublength and grip weight and get an instant swingweight calculation.

  • Or use a number of other calculating modules to predict a golfer's clublength, grip size, shaft flex, swing speed and even calculate specific instructions for matching and modifying swingweights.

  • The Golf Clubmaking Software(tm) can simulate calculations for literally millions of head, shaft and grip combinations, and there is no more simple, accurate and thorough way to calculate finished club specifications or to match the proper club to your customer."

  • Quotes are from Golfsmith catalogs 2002-2005. Now sold exclusively here by Golf Perfect Software, the creator and registered copyright owner.

        All of our Spine Finder alignment tools come with a free, full copy of our bestselling Clubmaking / Clubfitting / Swingweight Software! Or, you can add on a copy of our Individual Clubmaking Kit, or our Clubmakers Business Kit for more than 50% off their stand-alone price! When bought separately, below, they sell for $39.95 and $49.95, respectively.

        Using our easy to follow step-by-step written instructions, and our instructional video, you will easily learn how to pure a shaft and align the spined shaft in the clubhead in under a minute. With any one of our spine finders, you can pure your entire set of clubs; plus, every set of clubs you will ever own; plus, your friend’s clubs; as well as your friend’s friend’s clubs, all for a one-time cost beginning at less than $30.

Of course, all of our products come with our Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.


We invite you to view our short 3 minute video on

How to use a Spine Finder


System Requirements:

  • Clubmaking software is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, NT, 2000, ME, 98 & 95.

  • Clubmaking software is also Mac compatible with with Macs running a Windows partition using Bootcamp or Parallels.

  • All other Individual Kit and Business Kit files are in Zip, PDF and .xls formats, and are compatible with all Windows and Mac computers.

Golf Perfect - The world's leading manufacturer
of clubmaking software and Spine Finders

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